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Dorpstaat44 is a Bed & Breakfast in our seperated garage and it has its own driveway, entrance and terrace. That means you’ll have all the privacy you’ll need! Our house is part of a 1870’s farm, that is typical fort he county of Brabant. And just before the 2nd World War the farm got divided in two seperate houses. It was then that there where added some very nice details to the house, like the concrete ornaments above the windows. At the moment our house is a community’s monument and the part of the Dorpstraat around our house is a protected peace of Westerhoven aswell.



The garden is situated on the corner of the street and has a lovely flowergarden. It is divided by a green hedge which contributes to some very lovely spots, where you can enjoy a nice cup of coffee or a good book.


For years the garage served as a photo studio, but after a carriere switch it was no longer needed. As it would be a real shame to not use this beautiful space, we got the idea to start a B&B. We really want to spoil our guests and show them our beautiful countryside, instead of only seeing it as a business opportunity.

So…Relax in B&B Dorpstraat44!